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This regional event is a collaborative effort headed up by PREP who is a member of the New Hampshire Coastal Adaptation Workgroup. The New Hampshire Coastal Adaptation Workgroup (NH CAW) is a collaboration of 16 organizations working to help communities in New Hampshire & Southern Maine's coastal watershed prepare for dealing with the effects of extreme weather events, increased coastal flooding and other effects of long term climate change. NHCAW provides communities with education, facilitation and technical guidance.

What is King Tide?
King Tide is an especially high tide that occurs when the gravitational pull of the sun and moon reinforce one another. This extra-high tide happens twice a year at the times when the moon is closest to the earth. The next king tide in the Seacoast will occur on October 27, 2011. To learn more about tides and the forces that affect them, visit the National Ocean Service’s website. .

While tides are not affected by climate change, the climate and weather do influence coastal sea levels through storm surges, the El Niño/La Niña-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the Jet Stream cycles and other factors. When combined with high tides (especially King Tides) these conditions can cause widespread damage due to flooding and erosion, a risk that will only increase with sea level rise.

King Tides occurring within the Seacoast region on October 27th will provide a preview of what we might experience regularly in the future as a result of rising sea levels.

We need YOUR help - to capture in photos what King Tide looks like here on the Seacoast and be entered to win a $250 cash prize, a gift certificate to the Bratskellar/Dinnerhorn restaurant or a gift totebag.

The photos collected during this one day photo contest will be used to help local leaders, planners and communities identify coastal areas vulnerable to tidal flooding, visualize projected impacts from rising sea levels, and plan for tomorrow. The photos will be used in future publications, presentations and websites for the NHCAW partners.

Through the King Tide Photo Contest, participants are asked to visit any of the designated areas listed on THIS CHART or identified on THIS MAP on Thursday October 27 between 9am and 1pm EST to capture photos that document the surge. Those who upload their images to the"Photo Contest" link located on the left under the PREP logo at will automatically be entered into the contest.

The photographer who provides the photo that best depicts the impact of the Seacoast’s King Tide will receive a $250 cash prize. Two additional runners-up will receive a $25.00 gift card to the Bratskellar Restaurant in Portsmouth, NH and other honorable mentions will receive a t-shirt & totebag.

Judging will take place November 2-3 and the winners of the King of Tide Contest will be announced on Friday November 4, 2011. Judges will include a professional photographer, a member of PREP's staff & a member of NHCAW.


Refer to MAP WITH TIDE TIMES or CHART WITH LOCATIONS & TIDE TIMES and plan where and when you'll visit. If you know of other locations that have a tendency to flood at high tides please feel free to capture those in photos just be sure to identify where they are exactly & always practice extreme caution navigating in flooded areas.

STEP 2: Please submit photographs of coastal areas such as beaches, roads, parks, marshes, and estuaries known to be subject to flooding and erosion or areas where the high water levels can be gauged against familiar land marks, such as sea walls, jetties, bridges, dikes, buildings or other coastal structures. “Before and after” pictures showing average water levels and the high water levels for the same location are super helpful!

STEP 3: "Like" PREP's Facebook Page

STEP 4: Upload your images to the "Photo Contest" link located on the left hand navigation under PREP's logo on PREP's Facebook page

STEP 5: When uploading images to the contest site users should include the date, time and location of the photo(s) as well as the direction the camera was facing when the photo was captured (if possible). Those with GPS tagging capabilities built into their camera are encouraged to use this feature.

STEP 6: Keep your eyes peeled to PREP's Facebook on Friday, November 4th for the announcement of the winners!

As you venture out to areas that may be flooded please exercise extreme caution, do not drive down any flooded roads or walk into areas with deep water. NHCAW & PREP do not hold any liability for injuries incurred by participants in this contest.

When will the winner(s) be announced?
The Grand Prize winner will be announced via PREP’s Facebook Page on Friday November 4, 2011.

 What is the grand prize?
The grand prize winner of PREP’s King Tide Photo Contest will receive $250.00 check. Two additional runners up will receive a $25.00 gift card to the Bratskellar Resturant in Portsmouth, NH.

 How will the winners be determined?
All photo entrees will be reviewed by an independent judging panel. The photographer who best documents the impact of the King Tide will be awarded the grand prize.

Three additional runners up will receive prizes that include gift cards, a PREP T-shirt and tote bag. These winners will be determined by peer-to-peer voting on the official Facebook contest page.

Why is PREP running a photo contest on Facebook vs Flickr?
After reviewing our options, we’ve found that using Facebook (vs. Flickr) will enable PREP to more easily encourage participation and manage the voting/judging process needed to execute a successful contest.

I do not have a Facebook account or I am unable to access Facebook from my office. Can I still participate in the King Tide Photo Contest? Yes. If you don’t have a Facebook account you can still participate in the King Tide Photo Contest by e-mailing your images to Jill Farrell at

I have a Flickr account I use for my photo uploads. Can I use Flickr for this contest?
We do have a Flickr Group set up for this King Tide Photo Initiative in order to catalogue the library of photo submissions we recieve but those uploaded to that group WILL NOT be entered into the contest. In order to be entered into the contest you must upload your images to PREP's Facebook Page. Please feel free to visit the Flickr site HERE and look at the catalogue of photos we recieve.


Any other questions or issues contact Jill Farrell, PREP's Community Impact Program Manager at 603.862.0724 or

By submitting your photo into this contest you are granting permisison to use your photos in presentations, websites, publications, etc. for NHCAW and its partner organizations with attribution given to you as the author.